Journal Club

Mission :-

      Journal Club is run by the BCP student chapter and held every other week during the Fall and Winter Terms. Students take turns presenting papers related to their research and leading discussions based on these papers.
The aim of Journal Club is to:

  • Promote and Enhance Graduate Education and Exposure
  • Familiarize Members with Emerging Trends in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Facilitate Analytical Interpretations and Constructive Criticisms
  • Create an Environment for Cohesive Learning

Presenter :-

      As a presenter it is your responsibility to email your article of choise to the facilitator one week prior the presentation date.
Presentations should be formatted according to the following guidelines:

  • Use PowerPoint slides to illustrate key pointse
  • 25-30 Slide (25-30 min)
  • Provide sufficient introduction to background information and unfamiliar methodology used in the research
  • Open up for discussion and criticism of the research

Facilitator :-

        Each year a facilitator is selected to manage the Journal Club, the responsibilities of this position are:

  • Schedule presentation topics for each semester
  • Attend all presentations
  • At the end each term, elect the next facilitator if no members have previously taken JC for credit.