Funded Projects

Sl. No Name of the faculty Project title Funding agency Amount in Rs.
1 Dr. T. Tamizh Mani & Dr. Senthilkumar G.P To develop Pharmacopoeia monographs on single drugs of plant from Siddha Medicine PCIM&H 30,00,000
2 Mrs. Pramila T Synthesis of some bis-azetididione derivatives and its derivatives and its anti-cancer and anti-tubercular activity. RGUHS 5,00,000
3 Dr. Adlin jino Nesalin J Anti-proliferation activity of nano-encapsulated bioadhesive anginal gel of curcumin against human cancer cervix hela cells. RGUHS 4,50,000
4 Mrs. Vikneswari A Role of steroselectivity in ocular disposition in ocular therapeutics an experimental model. RGUHS 4,00,000
5 Dr. Jose Gnana Babu Method validation and analytical methods of anti-viral drugs. RGUHS 3,00,000