Overall goal

To strengthen the college capacity for enhanced activity in the field of R & D and improve the testing potential of drugs and raw materials which is used in the health care system.

Specific objectives 

  • To make an effective use of the expertise and facilities available in our institution to the sister institution, public and private bodies in pursuit of development in pharmaceutical and allied sciences.
  • To forge a regional network of medicines testing laboratories.
  • To draft/develop a roadmap for augmenting regional and national capacity for assuring the quality of medicines.

Bharathi Research & Development centre undertake the following projects

  • Analytical Development
  • Formulation Development
  • Herbal Drugs Standardization
  • Isolation and characterization of herbal drugs
  • Pharmacological And Toxicological Studies

Functions of Bharathi Research & Development centre

  • Receive samples
  • Distribution
  • Work sheet
  • Method of analysis
  • Generation of chromatograms
  • Report

Research (Need based for Industries)

  • To carry out method development and validation of various drugs and its formulations by as per ICH guidelines.
  • To carry out standardization of finished products using HPTLC & HPLC techniques.
  • To carry out efficacy studies by comparing with scientifically proven standardized herbal extracts in the areas of CNS, endocrine, inflammation, cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, dermal, immunopharmacology and other miscellaneous areas.
  • To carry out stability studies as per ICH guidelines.
  • To develop standardized formulations for neutraceuticals and cosmaceuticals required by the industries.
  • To carry out preclinical toxicity studies as per OECD and other guidelines in different animal species to ascertain the safety of the test materials, such as, acute, sub acute and chronic toxicity studies.
  • To carry out preclinical pharmacology studies to ascertain the efficacy, such as, anticancer, antiulcer, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, anti-osteoporetic, hepatoprotective, antianxiety, antidepressant, skin tanning, anti-wrinkle activities, etc.

Future Plans

  • To achieve excellence in all its programmes of pharmacy education, namely under-graduate, graduate, doctoral and continuing educational programs.
  • To maintain a high level of Research and Development activities in the pharmaceutical and allied sciences so as to meet the R&D and product development needs of Academic and Industries.
  • To provide an environment that will enable its students to grow in a manner that will enable them to contribute effectively to the requirement of the society at large.

To become a centre of excellence in research with particular reference to systematic study of medicinal plants.