Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice places the students in a Hospital set up to ensure professional clinical practice in the area of clinical interventions in the health care society. It is a clinical oriented academic department located in the hospital and provides well oriented clinical exposure and experiential pharmaceutical care programme which is necessary to become a well qualified clinical pharmacist.

The faculty and students of department of pharmacy practice works in association with physician, nurses and other healthcare professionals to ensure the provision of rational drug therapy and facilitates direct patient care for both inpatient and out patient. The department is also extensively involved in providing the drug information and patient counseling services for the health care community set up. The department also provides clinical intervention services in various departments such as internal medicine, Gastro medicine & surgery, endocrinology, cardiology, neurology, nephrology, oncology, pulmonary medicine, pediatrics rheumatology, stroke unit etc.

Staff Name Position Contact No Contact Mail ID
Dr. Suresha B. S. Professor and Head 7411167887
Dr. A. Vikneswari Associate Professor 7259715268
Dr. Divya Shree N. Asst. Professor 8694886099
Dr. Joga Sasidhar Asst. Professor 8951947967
Dr. Vishwas A.T. L. Asst. Professor 9036285253