Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis department is actively involved in imparting quality education to the students, especially training students in analytical skills and preparing them for industrial carriers. This laboratory equipped with all the modern equipments for Instrumental methods of analysis. Special emphasis is laid on the implementation of good laboratory practices and analytical skills. The department is actively involved in developing new analytical methods and their validation, characterization and quantitative estimation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and other components in various dosage forms.

The department focuses on handling and training on the use modern analytical techniques such HPLC, HPTLC, FTIR, UV-Visible Spectroscopy, Flourimeter, Flame photometry, etc. by the graduate post graduate students and research scholars. The Department has collaborated with various consultancies for doing projects in UV, FTIR and HPLC based analytical method development and validation. This research in Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance resulted into generating valuable information that had been published in national and international journals and presentation have been made by Faculty and PG Students of the Department.

Staff Name Position Contact No Contact Mail ID
Dr.C. Jose Gnana Babu Professor and Head 9986817726
Mrs. Sowmya H. G. Asst. Professor 9972879264